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Why Metro|NS

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Why Metro|NS for Your Network Services?

1. Because Relationships Matter.

Our team has proven time after time that we can get a job done reliably. As such, our clients benefit from our years of experience working in the field with other industry professionals. Our team has first-hand knowledge of the constraints of deploying and managing network infrastructure. Because of our long term relationhips, Metro|NS is able to quickly resolve problems and troubleshoot difficult situations to get your platform up to speed.

We excel at understanding our clients’ necessary timelines and delivering on-time rollouts in accordance with these expectations.

2. Because When it Comes to Building Networks, We’ve Done it.

Metro|NS is comprised of proven network professionals with specialized, industry knowledge of delivering complex telecommunications infrastructure solutions. After successfully engineering, deploying, maintaining and selling our own fiber network in New York and New Jersey, Metro|NS is uniquely qualified to sit on your side of the table and help tackle the difficult problems of deploying a network that works for your company. With our exceptional know-how, we can rapidly deploy new network enhancements and effectively manage IT operating costs, to ensure network optimization within a highly competitive environment.

When it comes to building in Manhattan, Metro|NS is the go-to team.


3. Because a Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned.

By outsourcing the optical component of your network to a proven leader who specialized in this arena, your company can streamline processes, save money and shorten deployment timeframes.

As planning and deploying optical networks takes time, money and resources, why invest additional dollars on temporary headcount and managing multiple services when you can outsource the complete project – beginning to end – to one dedicated and proven team?  Metro|NS can help you navigate through your optical challenges and be your strategic adviser so you can build the network you need.  We work daily in the optical space and are keenly adept at working with carriers, equipment vendors, and construction partners to understand the latest developments in the optical field.

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